22 - Destruction by shelling of Gaddafi's militias

A second attack was launched on 15 March 2011 resulting in the killing of several inhabitants and the injury of many others, majority of whom are subsequently denied access to medical care, including children, women and old people. In the aftermath, Gaddafi's militias, revolutionary committees and African mercenaries, guided and supported by some people in neighboring cities of Al Ajilat, Jmil and Regdaline, loyal to Gaddafi's regime, invade the town, using notably EE-11 Urutu and EE-9 Cascavel, OT-64 SKOT 4x4 Toyota Cruiser and RAM 1500 trucks, terrorizing unarmed inhabitants and kidnapping several young citizens suspected of initiating demonstrations against the regime. Several cases of arbitrary detention and torture have been reported. It is important to outline here, that the population of Zuwara have been demonstrating against the criminal (Russian supported) Gaddafi's regime since 18 February 2011

Wednesday, 16 March, 2011


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