in Jalu on 08/07/2011

Revolutionaries remove a car bomb found on the road to Jalu next the south petrol station

in Jalu on 01/07/2011
in Jalu on 15/07/2011
in Jalu on 04/04/2011
in Sabha on 02/06/2011
in Sabha on 22/06/2011
in Nalut on 04/05/2011
in Nalut on 04/05/2011

This video was obtained from a pro Gaddafi soldier who had fled to Tunisia through Wazin. This video shows Gaddafi forces repeatedly shelling...

in Nafusa on 19/06/2011

Cities of Al-Qala and Yefren being shelled by Gaddafi forces based in Saffet where they held control over the region for 2 months from April 3,...

in Nalut on 22/05/2011

Gaddafi forces attack an area to the West of Nalut 22-05-11 those you see in the video are Freedom Fighters. Dead body at the end of the video is...

in Sabha on 31/05/2011
in Al Jawf ( Kufra ) on 21/06/2011
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