in Tubruq on 18/02/2011
in Al Qubah on 24/02/2011

Air strikes on Labraq airport

in Shahat on 21/02/2011

Colonel Mustafa Al Gaddafi killed by mercenaries while he was protecting civilians

in Labraq on 20/02/2011
in Shahat on 21/07/2011
in Al Qubah on 18/02/2011
in Al Qubah on 19/02/2011
in Shahat on 22/02/2011
in Bani Waled on 13/06/2011
in Nafusa on 30/06/2011
in Misratah on 20/06/2011
in Benghazi on 17/02/2011

This video is recorded in the first days of the uprising. it was recorded by a doctor in Benghazi. it shows another innocent man being shot in the...

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