in Darna on 21/02/2011
in Ajdabiya on 02/03/2011
in Ajdabiya on 19/03/2011
in Benghazi on 19/03/2011

These forces were sent by Gaddafi & Saif to massacre the Benghazi & the rest of the east

in Garyan on 31/07/2011

The brigade was defeated by the revolutionaries of Nefusa Mountain

in Garyan on 24/02/2011
in Zlitan on 27/07/2011

Khamis lies about the presence of foreign invaders in the East of Libya

in Brega on 02/03/2011
in Tripoli on 27/02/2011
in Brega on 27/02/2011
in Tripoli on 22/02/2011
in Tripoli on 22/02/2011
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