in Jalu on 05/07/2011
in Sabha on 19/02/2011
in Shahat on 28/02/2011
in Shahat on 21/02/2011

A Dugari ;commander of the eastern region caught after he was firing at protestors with 14.5 bullets

in Al Jawf ( Kufra ) on 07/06/2011
in Zlitan on 05/06/2011
in Misratah on 07/07/2011

Participate in the activities of the Libyan community in Egypt to support the revolution, February 17 Youth

in Al Khums on 26/02/2011
in Janzour on 07/06/2011
in Janzour on 16/05/2011
in Zuwarah on 23/05/2011
in Nafusa on 04/07/2011
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