in Mizdah on 26/04/2011

Ali Al Mashai humiliated by Gaddafi forces 

in Mizdah on 30/06/2011
in Gadamis on 19/06/2011

Gaddafi forces beating & humiliating prisoners from Gadamis at Mizdah gate 

in Gadamis on 21/06/2011
in Gadamis on 19/06/2011
in Gadamis on 18/06/2011

Prisoner from Gadamis tortured & humiliated at Mizdah gate by Gaddafi forces, one of which is Muammar Ben keer Al- Mashai


in Misratah on 27/06/2011

Gaddafi's forces are shown brutally torturing prisoners whereas the freedom fighters are shown actually helping their injured prisoners.

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