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تقرير جميل جداً ويحكي الواقع الليبي وحقيقة وجود المرتزقة في ليبيا والذي هوا شئ لا يمكن لأي شخص أنكاره الا إذا كان من أعوان الطاغية القدافي او ممن...

in Libya on 05/03/2011

As Muammar Gaddafi wages war against a popular uprising, Libyan exiles explain how terror has long been a tool of the regime.

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in Libya on 18/03/2011

This is a short documentary film of some of the key events in Libyan history between the years 1911 -- 1969.

in Libya on 21/04/2011

This movie tells the truth about Libya for the past 42 years.
we were living in darkness then the 17 of February revolution came and the dawn...

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Born in a tent in the Libyan desert, this Arab nationalist gained notoriety at 27 after toppling King Idris I. He went on...

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Women of the Libyan Revolution
This is a nation in turmoil as their leader of more than 40 years struggles to cling to power, just 200...

in Libya on 06/05/2011

Through the eyes of a Libyan-born filmmaker, we investigate the dark stories emerging from a country fast unravelling into civil war.