in Benghazi on 12/03/2011
in Benghazi on 23/02/2011
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This video shows people in Benghazi marching and trying to go to the cememtary to bury their dead, but they get shot at with live ammu for no...

in Benghazi on 30/04/2011

The Libyan people are not affraid of being hurt, injured, or even killed in the path of freedom and getting the wikked out our priceless land.

Mohammed Nabbous, the IT engineer who turned into a pro jurnalist in a matter of seconds to get our voice out when Gaddafi shut down all...

in Benghazi on 17/02/2011

This video is recorded in the first days of the uprising. it was recorded by a doctor in Benghazi. it shows another innocent man being shot in the...

in Benghazi on 17/02/2011

While the uprising started peaceful, Gaddafi's forces were shooting to kill, and the best proof on that is this young kid who got shot in the head...

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