in Jalu on 01/07/2011
in Jalu on 04/08/2011
in Jalu on 05/07/2011
in Jalu on 13/07/2011

Interview with Salah Jima Sadek & Idris Imabarak

in Jalu on 08/07/2011

Revolutionaries remove a car bomb found on the road to Jalu next the south petrol station

in Jalu on 26/06/2011
in Jalu on 28/07/2011

The result of Grad missiles launched by Gaddafi forces over the city

in Jalu on 20/07/2011
in Jalu on 07/07/2011
in Jalu on 07/07/2011

Protestors joined chanting against the regime in the Jalu martyrs square

in Jalu on 05/07/2011
in Jalu on 03/06/2011

Meeting with on of the commanders of Jalu Martyrs brigade after the victory battle on friday

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