in Nalut on 18/06/2011

James Bays reports from Nafusa Mountains

in Nalut on 17/05/2011
in Nalut on 22/05/2011

Gaddafi forces attack an area to the West of Nalut 22-05-11 those you see in the video are Freedom Fighters. Dead body at the end of the video is...

in Nalut on 19/06/2011

Direct hit of a pro Gaddafi control center.


in Nalut on 29/06/2011

The mothers of Nalut freedom fighters, in Ramada camp are preparing Zumeeta and Bseesa (traditional Libyan dishes) for their sons who are fighting...

in Nalut on 30/06/2011

This video shows the destruction and remains of the shelling done by pro Gaddafi forces in Nalut. The date in which the video was taken is unknown...

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